Tree Facts

Tree work composite

Did you know …

  • Trees respire; why this important to a homeowner; and what can be done to improve a tree’s respiration?
  • Oaks can have several leaf types on one tree?
  • The presence of certain trees can affect the growth pattern of other trees?
  • Fungus growths or flirting bodies could denote a hazardous situation?
  • Beetles are often not the cause of a tree death but rather a sign of a pre-existing problem?
  • Trees don’t heal?
  • Topping trees could pose immediate and future tree problems?
  • Tree diseases can be transferred by way of contaminated tools or equipment?
  • If a newly planted tree is staked for more than a year, the future stability of the tree could be adversely affected?
  • There are tree inoculations?
  • Trees take in oxygen?
  • In a single day, a tree can pull up hundreds of gallons of water from the ground?

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